Witch & Wiccan Jewelry

Since you all loved the post we've shared on Instagram from @witchoid we've found out we have a lot of Witches and Wiccans among our followers. In fact, that post was one of our most popular IG posts of all time. 

Since our friend from @witchoid makes and sells some of her own wicca jewelry, and she doesn't have a shop we've decided to make this collection exclusively for her, and other wiccans and witches among us.

Every piece of jewelry you see here will be posted by @witchoid and it has nothing to do with True Vikings World, except it's on our shop since she doesn't have an online store. We will also help her, by storing and fulfiling all the orders. 

I hope none of our customers (Vikings and heathens) won't mind this. In my opinion, we are all a big family and we should respect each other's beliefs. We love all pagans.

What's Available Here

Witchoid makes some awesome Witch themed jewelry and accessories, so you will be able to find the following:

  • All Kinds Of Wiccan Jewelry
  • Wicca Necklaces
  • Wicca Bracelets
  • Witch Rings
  • Crystals
  • Spellbooks
  • Wiccan Accessories
  • And a lot more

 If you follow witchoid, support her by making a purchase, all profits go to her cause. If you are one of our followers and a witch or Wiccan, definitely check this collection out.

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