Viking Drinking Horns

This collection was highly anticipated, and it's finally launched. Drinking horns are one of the most important parts of Viking life, and we are proud to present you with our own handmade pieces. 

Our goal is to have the biggest selection of authentic Viking and Norse drinking horns in the world, and once we set our eye on something, we will make it a reality for sure. 

All drinking horns from this section are made from genuine animal horns (mostly cow horns). Each horn is processed, carved, polished and treated with lacquer by hand, so we don't need to speak about the quality. 

There are various carvings and sizes available, and occasionally we will launch a limited edition series, which will be even more exceptional and reserved for True Vikings only. 

Drinking horns are awesome as a home decor as well, so while you're not feasting, it will for sure impress your friends, and look like a great addition to your Viking house home decor. 

One more thing, horns are definitely the best gift you can get to almost everyone, even if he/she is not a Viking or heathen. Everyone likes authentic drinking horns, and think they are awesome to have. 

With True Vikings World drinking horns, you will finally be able to say "Skål" and really feel the energy. 

In case this is your first time buying a real drinking horn, please note that you should never try to wash it in the dishwasher. Just use cool water and some soap and clean it with your hands instead, as our ancestors did. Also if this is your first horn, I definitely recommend you to get a horn stand or holder which are available with the most of our horns.

Enough talking, go on, and choose the one you like the best, and let's feast! Skål!

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