Viking Clothing

We've been putting of opening of True Vikings World clothing line for too long. The reason behind it is because we were waiting to design a perfect piece of cloths to open our heathen clothing collection with. If you follow us on IG then you probably read that we've promised to open our clothing collection in 2019. 

Well, it's January 17th 2019 and we're proud to say that we've designed a perfect product to launch Viking clothing collection with. 

Since we were working on clothing designs for quite some time, we already have a bunch of awesome designs available and we also managed to get some great deals on quality premium materials. Right now we will open regular clothing collection but in a future, we plan to expand and add Gym wear as well (we are already working on designs).

Types Of Viking Clothing

Currently, there are several things we want to focus on first. Our primary goal is quality and great design. As always True Vikings World is trying to make ancestors proud, so we are not going to expand our clothing line quickly. We will be adding new products slowly, but you can rest assure that everything available here is of the highest quality. What will you be able to find here:

  • Viking T-shirts
  • Viking Jackets
  • Viking Patches
  • Viking Themed Hoodies
  • Viking Hats, Caps And Beanies
  • Shorts
  • Modern Viking Clothing
  • Authentic Viking Age Clothing (Eventually)
  • Gym Wear (Eventually)
  • And Much More

As you can see, we are planning to add everything eventually. It's one more step that we need to take in order to become the best Norse pagan and heathen store in the world. Most of the items found in this collection are going to be manufactured in the US, but we are already negotiating and looking for manufacturers in Europe, which will expedite our shipping times. 

If you ever bought some piece of jewelry from our store, then you know that we offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Now we are aiming to do just that for the clothing as well. 

Enough talking, now go ahead and raid our store!

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