Viking Rings

Here you can find all of our Viking rings which are currently in stock and for sale. We combined every ring we offer including handmade items. Most of our rings are designed to be unisex which means both man and woman can wear it.

We also have a huge amount of resizable rings, which can be resized to fit your finger perfectly. For non-resizable rings, make sure to check our sizing guide and choose the size that fits you the best. In case you can't find the right size that fits your finger, please contact us via our contact form and we will see what we can do.

Our huge collection of rings include rings with various symbols such as Mjolnir rings, raven rings, valknut, helm of awe, and a lot of other Norse symbols. 

All of our Viking rings are made out of the highest quality materials such as silver, bronze and stainless steel. We never use any materials that contain lead or nickel. 

Our goal is to one day have the largest collection of Viking and Norse rings in the world. At this rate, we will succeed in it within the next year or so. 

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