Special Announcement Regarding Skull Themed Products

Hello guys and girls, I hope you are all doing well. We have a quick announcement regarding True Vikings World shop.

Since we had a HUGE success with Skull Themed Mug and a lot of you requested, a month or so ago we have listed the first skull themed product to make some tests and see what our customers think about it.

Since we are a Viking related store, we didn't want to start adding some products that are unrelated to Vikings and Norse culture, since it has a potential to piss some of our existing customers, and we don't want to do that to our Viking horde.

Well, the test is now over, and I'm happy to say that it went extremely well.

We got tons of emails from our customers telling us how much they liked skull themed products, and that should we add more of it and we decided to listen to you guys.

Starting today our beta collection Skull Themed Jewelry is going live and we plan to add more than 20 different products by the end of August.

Our craftstmen have already made some cool looking designs of various skull themed jewelry including necklaces and bracelets, which will be available on our shop in a few days.

We just wanted to let you know about this, since there are a lot of you who probably didn't know about this test, and will be surprised when you see more of the skull themed items.

This is a big step for us, since we already have tons of ideas for new designs which means our excellent craftsmen/women will have to work really hard to make all of these designs possible with Viking related designs they already work on.

But you don't need to worry, we have already started interviewing new craftsmen for two of our workshops, and by the and of this month we will hopefully have 2 or 3 new workers.

Our mission and goal stays the same, to become the biggest Viking shop in the world, we just added cool new subsection for all of you who like skulls and I know you will appreciate it.

Since it's a new section, we would love to receive some feedback which will help us become even better. So feel free to send your request and feedback anytime, we appreciate it very much.

Thank Gods for such a great Viking horde we have here with us!

Skål brothers and sisters!