Gift Ideas For Vikings And Norsemen

 Gift Ideas For Vikings And Norseman

Since it's holiday season, a few weeks ago, we've started to receive a ton of emails and messages from people who are not heathens, but have a friend who is, aking us for a suggestion, what should he/she buy for a friend. 

That's why we thought it's a good idea to make a post about the best gifts for Heathens, Vikings, and Norsemen. We currently don't blog enough anyways, so it's a great opportunity to dust off True Vikings World blog, plus we will save our support staff a ton of time. 

We will update this post every now and then, in order for it to stay relevant and once we gather more Viking gift ideas. 

So let's begin, shall we?

How Well Do You Know Your Friend

Let's start with the basics. It's important to understand that there are several different paths and religions around Norse paganism and Vikings in general. My question is, how well do you know your friend? If you know him well, do you know if he's Asatru, heathen, Norse mythology fan, Vikings tv show fan or general pagan? There's a difference, which nobody in their Viking gift guides talks about. Some gifts are more suitable for Asatru followers, some for heathens, and some for fans of Vikings tv series and Norse mythology.

Don't worry, it's easy to understand, and we are here to help. Let me explain why it's important first. Let's say, for example, your friend is a tv show fan, and you buy him something like Vegvisir Silver Necklace, there's a good chance he doesn't know what is the Vegvisir symbol and what it represents. If your friend is a fan of Norse mythology on the other hand, and you get him the same necklace, he will argue that there's no proof Vegvisir symbol existed in the Viking age, but if your friend is an Asatru follower and a heathen, he will most definitely love it. 

In case you don't know what path is your friend following, no worries, we will include some general gift ideas, which are suitable for all of the groups above. 

So let's begin. 

Viking Gift Guide

General Viking Gift Ideas

Remember when we told you there are some general gift ideas which are suitable for all groups, well here they are. We will also divide all Viking presents into different categories based on a price.

Under 30$

A good book is always a great present for everyone and anyone. And you are in luck since we already have a post about Viking books which you can check out here. Just choose any of the books we've mentioned, and your friend will most definitely love it. We are sorry that we currently don't sell books, but you can find all of them on Amazon or somewhere else. 

This one we consider a general gift as well. It's great for all Norse culture lovers, and since there are some people who don't like real horns since they came from a killed animal, this is a perfect substitute. And for those who don't mind it, these plastic horns, are a lot more practical. 

In case your friend has a beard, which he probably has, here's another awesome gift. It's handmade with the carving of the God Odin, yet it's very much affordable, which means only one thing - a perfect gift for a casual occasion. 

In our opinion, Hosvir Necklace is another example of an awesome general Viking gift under 30$. It's a necklace with an axe as a pendant, and let me tell you something, all Vikings and Norse culture fans definitely love axes. 

Every Norse culture lover would love this one. Wanna know why? Because every single Viking wants to drink from the skull of his enemies. It's great you are not his enemy, or else... :)

Under 60$

Now for under 60$ there are some pretty unique and cool stuff available.

If I'm the one buying a gift for a Norseman, I would definitely go with this one. It's authentic and made out of the real ox horn... What's there not to like!? Just make sure your friend is not one of those people I've mentioned above, who doesn't like real horns, because they belong to an actual animal. 

Another great example of a general Viking present. It's handcrafted, and looks awesome! In case you don't know, Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor (Norse God of Thunder). And this is the necklace with a kings chain, who doesn't like a kings chain.

This is the masterpiece of our craftsmen, and one of the best selling products on our store. If I had to guess, I think you like it, and now when you've seen it, you are going to order one for yourself, don't you?

Over 60$

Currently, I have no ideas of a general gift that costs over 60$, and let's be honest, if you are going to buy a gift that's over 60$, either you are rolling in it, in which case go ahead and empty our stocks I'm sure from all of our products there is something your friend will like, or you are a close friend to the person you are buying a gift to, in which case, I'm sure you know which kind of Viking is he, and which path he follows, so move on to the appropriate section of this Viking gift guide.

Heathen And Norse Pagan Gifts

You are most probably looking for this category since most people who asked us to help find a gift for their friends were looking for something in this category. 

Under 30$

  • A book, but not for beginners

Again, a book is always a good present, but unlike the general category, if your friend is a real heathen or Norse pagan, he probably needs something more advanced. We are planning to publish the best books guide in this category, but until we do, here are some awesome reads from the top of my head: Dictionary Of Northern Mythology by Rudolf Simek, The Viking Way by Neil Price, Nordic Religions in the Viking Age by Thomas DuBois and finally The Heimskringla by Snorri Sturluson. Most of these if not all are available on Amazon.

This piece of jewelry is another best selling necklace of ours. It looks great and features Aegishjalmur (Helm Of Awe) symbol. You don't really need to bother yourself learning about it, but your friend will definitely appreciate it. 

Every heathen loves a good Mjolnir pendant. And this one is an authentic replica of the one found near Scania, Sweden. And what's better than the authentic piece of jewelry similar to the one made in Viking age. 

Another great example. These are rune beads, which can be used for a bunch of different purposes. They can be used as hair or beard accessorie, as an altar or home decor, or you or your friend can make some amazing DIY custom jewelry with it. If you are creative enough, I'm sure your friend would appreciate that the most. 

I am currently wearing one of these, and since I'm one of the owners of True Vikings World, I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to jewelry (almost 20k orders can confirm it). 

Under 60$

Again, horn tankard is an amazing gift for this category, under 60$. 

This is definitely the perfect gift if your friend loves Viking jewelry and wears necklaces. This design is one of our all-time best sellers, even tho we launched it just a few weeks ago. 

    Another best-seller. This necklace has powerful symbols, from Odin's wolves to Thor's hammer. Plus it looks super cool. 

      Over 60$

      Definitely, the best gift you can purchase for every Viking is the drinking horn. We currently have several designs, and all look awesome. There is no Viking in the world who doesn't love drinking horns. If you want a gift that's over 60$ we definitely recommend you some of our drinking horns. Just want to mention another thing as well, drinking horns are also a great gift for every occasion. I once bought a custom drinking horn for my friend's wedding, and he later said it's the best gift of all, and he still uses it. So in case you have a Viking wedding to attend to, this is for sure the perfect gift.

      A really unique and exclusive pendant, which I'm sure you like as well even if you are not a pagan or heathen. A bit pricey, but stunning.

      This is something really special. It's a hand-carved wooden box featuring god Odin and inside there are 24 runes, which every heathen should have. Awesome gift for all Asatru followers. 

      This is the product that we are most proud of. When you say premium product, this is really it. I mean just look at it. If you decide to get this, you must really love the person you are going to gift this to. Note: Another great gift for Viking wedding.

      Vikings TV Series Fan Gifts

      If your friend is not a heathen or asatru follower, and just simply loves Vikings tv show, than these are the best choices.

      Under 30$

      A truly great gift for a Viking tv series fan is an arm ring. Lucky for you we have a huge variety of arm rings available, the one mentioned above is an entry level arm ring, which comes at a great price of just 14.97$. 

      We have a huge variaty of handmade arm rings, so feel free to browse a bit and choose the one you thing your friend will love the most. The wolf arm ring is just a suggestion. 

      If your friend is a female and she likes the Vikings tv show, then this is an awesome gift for her. She will definitely appreciate it. 

      Since we've only mentioned bracelets so far, we wanted to add this necklace, because it's a great gift for Vikings tv show fans. I'm sure because a lot of our customers who bought this piece are tv show fans. 

      Under 60$

      It's simply a great gift for all Vikings, even if they are just a tv show fans. 

      Over 60$

      Or any other drinking horn we have. Same as with tankard, a drinking horn is always an awesome gift. 

      This is truly a magnificent piece of jewelry. We put so much effort into this design, and I'm sure you can see the difference between this, and some other arm rings that we offer. As I said, if you choose to go with an arm ring, you can't go wrong with this one.

      We will update this Vikings gift guide periodically, so you don't need to worry if it's up to date. All the items mentioned here are in stock, and once they are not, we will update this guide and give you some other suggestions. 

      I really hope we've helped you decide what to purchase for your Viking friend, and he/ she is definitely lucky to have such a good friend, who is looking for a perfect gift.